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Josef Laimon


Josef Laimon is a Producer from Tel Aviv. In the past few years, he has been producing music for fashion commercials, pop singers, and original scores for short films and orchestras. Josef performs and Dj’s under the alias of ‘Middle Sky Boom’ on a weekly basis in Tel Aviv’s finest clubs. Josef is the founder of his own imprint - Unterman, an electronic record label that blends his family heritage with a unique sound, creating fresh content in the Tel Aviv scene. He runs the label with his sister, visual artist Cookie Moon. 

Original music for Linda Farrow autumn/ winter 2014

Original music for “The Making of Nick Knight's Biggest Fashion Story Ever“ by ‘SHOWstudio’

Original music for 'Antonina Poppy' Fashion collection 

Vocals and sound elements for 'Shandy' beer commercial

Original music for ‘Channel 24’ promo

Music production & mixing for ‘Megaphonim - People’

Musical arrangement and song writing for ‘Castle in time׳ orchestra

Music Production & Creator of ‘Umlala - My PDF Files’

Original music for - ‘Middle Sky Boom - Souvenirs’ 

Original music & Production for - ‘Middle Sky Boom - Dreamy route’ 

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